New Covid-19 Lockdown Ratings

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New lockdown ratings in Clean Exit allow RWAs to rate owners who forcibly evict healthworkers and also rate residents who violate the lockdown guidelines.
Cleaning and disinfection amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Resident Welfare Associations or Gated communities have a host of challenges when implementing an efficient lockdown. Clean exit has introduced new rating options in the latest updates, that RWAs can implement immediately.

  • To access this, navigate to “Work Misconduct” –> “Add Work Misconduct”
  • The options will be available only if “Date of Misconduct” is between 25th March to 31st July 2020.

Screenshot 1 – Navigate to select the date under “Work Misconduct”

Select Date between 25th March to 31st July 2020

Once you select the accepted date range, you will see the new Covid-19 specific rating options enabled.

Covid-19 Specific Misconducts

There are two categories available – Basic and Serious Misconducts

Basic Level:

  • Stepped out during Quarantine
  • Violated Social Distancing
  • Stepped out without MaskViolated Social Distancing
  • Illegal movement of vehicle
  • Engaged in promotion of Fake News

Serious Level:

  • Forcibly evicted tenant post lockdown
  • Misbehavior with essential workers
  • Disobedience causing danger
  • Assaulted People
  • Disobedience to Government order

Impact of ratings on property owners

If owners engage in misconducts such as forcibly evicting a health-worker (tenant) from their property, it is treated as serious misconduct. This may impact future leasing opportunities of the property due to negative ratings.

Impact of ratings on residents

Any resident, irrespective of being an owner or a tenant, if rated for violating the official lockdown or quarantine restrictions, will impact their future renewal of leased residential properties at the National level.

Owners and residential communities prefer law-abiding citizens that do not endanger the health and safety of other people due to their actions.

Feel free to reach Clean Exit with your suggestions!

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