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Features & Benefits

The Clean Exit Registration of employees provides companies with Instant protection from potential frauds including reputational damage in Social Media.

Fidelity Guarantee

Employers qualify for Fidelity Guarantee of INR 100,000 to INR 500,000 against misconducts resulting in direct loss!

Most loved benefit

Instant Reporting

Instantly report rouge employees across a sector to prevent them from repeating serious misconducts. 

Rate your employees

You can rate your employees in both technical and non-technical categories and ensure strong deterrence against frauds.

One-time Registration

You need to register employees only once with their Clean Exit ID. Rate them as long as they work with you!

What Companies Say

Our design agency has multiple issues - from employees downloading porn to claiming fake reimbursements. This stopped within one month of registering them on Clean Exit platform. We simply cannot do without this service.

CEO, Premier Design Firm, Bangalore

We had an incident of our IPR being stolen by Insiders for another Pharma company. Thanks to Clean Exit, we know that even if technical controls fail, employees will think twice before engaging in such misconduct. Every smart organization will ensure they get Clean Exit from Day one of their operations.

Medical Research Company, Maharashtra

We had multiple issues with candidates leaving the jobs without proper notice. After registration in Clean Exit, the issues dropped from 70% to just 3%. We could not believe the solution could be so simple to implement. Just register your employees with Clean Exit. Do not think twice.

Petro Chem Company, Haryana

Registration for Technical Professionals

Applying or working in the Industry
3000 Valid for the entire term of employment
  • Ethics Exam and Certification
  • Online E-learning Access
  • Includes Instant Reporting
  • Online training course by Instructor (6 hours)
  • Optional Fidelity Guarantee
  • Phone Support

* Career Protection Plan valid for one company / one year

Registration for Non-Technical Staff

Valid Student ID Required
999 Valid for the entire term of employment
  • Ethics Exam and Certification
  • Online E-learning Access
  • Includes Instant Reporting
  • Qualify to buy Career Protection Plan

Register your employees today

Only provide the First Name, Last Name and Clean Exit ID of the employee.